Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sunday Dinners

I grew up in a family where food was very important. Certain foods always signified celebrations and milestones. Homemade cakes for birthdays, t-bone steaks on the grill in the summer and christmas cookies and mincemeat pies for the holidays. Yep, I ate well growing up and I still eat well.

One of the things I didn't get to have a lot as a kid was friends over too much. We moved so often it was hard to make lasting friendships and my Mom was so worried about what others thought of our house and how we lived (everything had to be immaculate for guests) that it was rare for me to have friends over for dinner.

But now that I'm older, I've learned to combine my love of food and my longing to invite my friends over for meals. This has become something of a regular Sunday dinner that everyone is invited to.

I like simple, full flavor foods. Lots of comfort food but always a nice veggie or salad included and of course some sort of dessert!

My crockpot is put to good use and I've found great luck using it for chili, brisket etc. It's a great time saver and I can make tons of food in it as well.

My girlfriend is also a food lover as well. And luckily she enjoys cooking and entertaining friends as much as I do.

Two Sundays ago, E was in charge of cooking dinner. It was a great home meal of roasted chicken, purple fingerling potatoes (roasted with chorizo...I later made the leftovers into mashed purple potatoes and they were quite good! ) with salad

(covered in prosciutto, my favorite!) and a tiramisu from whole foods.

And this past Sunday was a crockpot bolognese made with beef, sausage, red wine, milk and nutmeg and E's first try at homemade pasta. As documented below:

It was a delicious combination (seriously if you haven't already definitely try making bolognese a crockpot, you must!). And I'm quite proud that we now have a meal that we each can contribute to.

So if you're ever in Boston and in need of good food, good friends and it happens to be Sunday, stop on by. Chicken and waffles for dinner next Sunday!!!

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