Monday, August 11, 2008

Places I'd Like to Eat at in the Next Few Months

1.) Hungry Mother
- Hitting it on Tuesday with E and friends.

2.) Salt
-I want to order the roasted duck a day ahead. And as someone said to me "anything you have to order a day in advance has to be good". So true!

3.) Oleana
-I love this place! It's my special dinner place. I never get to sit in their garden and I really want to be able to do that.

4.) Shiki
-Friends raved about this place and I've been dying for some good soba noodles. I don't mean that mass made crap but authentic homemade buckwheat noodles.

5.) Ten Tables
- I've been there twice before and I think I enjoyed it each time. But that was two years ago. Sadly, I don't remember the meals . I do think they were very good, but it makes me want to go back and see if it's truly as good as I remember. Most meals that I loved, I remember. This includes my birthday dinner from when I was 5. Mom made zucchini in a cheese sauce and I ate every damn bite, even though I'm not a huge zucchini fan.

6.) Craigie Street Bistro
-For years I've been meaning to try this place but the truth is I never made it out that far into Cambridge and when it comes time to decide on a place for dinner, it always goes forgotten. I've heard the Chef is a bit of a prima donna but has the chops to carry off such attitude. I wanna see for myself!


Tom said...

I'm with you on Salt, Leah! My favorite Chinese BBQ place has a whole piglet on the menu, but you have to order it two days in advance. I want it so much! :)

boston guerilla said...

Tom! An entire piglet?!? Omg I'm so jealous. I can only imagine how amazing it must taste. Crispy fat and tender meat. Oh man. I don't think any place in Boston makes such things. Now I'm way jealous!

Meagan said...

I want to try Craigie Street Bistrot, too! I have heard it is amazing and all of the ingredients are local. I have another one to add to your list: Chez Henri in Cambridge. The Cuban sandwiches are AMAZING, and I consider the mojitoes here to be the best in Boston.