Friday, March 13, 2009

Facebook and Twitter = Recipe for Disaster

A friend emailed me via Facebook with a link to an article on where Anthony Bourdain does picks and pans of food shows on TV. The best quote from Tony was regarding the show, "Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee."

The most terrifying thing I've seen is her making a Kwanzaa cake. Watch that clip and tell me your eyeballs don't burst into flames. It's a war crime on television. You'll scream.

Those seemed like might strongly words even for Bourdain. I was intrigued but too busy/lazy to seek out an episode of Semi Homemade involving Kwanzaa cake, but decided to Tweet my thoughts:

Sandra Lee made a Kwanzaa cake at some point?? Omg so wrong on so many levels and I really want to see that episode.
And wouldn't you know, I got a response from a friend a few minutes later:

msdixon@denimmafia Ask and you shall receive

It was a link to the Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake fiasco. And for your viewing pleasure I'll embed it here for you as well:

O.M.G. Seriously, how do angel food cake, chocolate frosting, apple pie filling and cornnuts (aka acorns) go together? Who does that? And how does anything in this cake reflect Kwanzaa? How do cornnuts become "acorns" and suit cake decorations? It's as if Sandra Lee is a complete stoner and just mashed a bunch of things together because she got the munchies.

And honestly, what about this cake reflects "kwanzaa"? So yeah, while Bourdain's word seemed intense, they were absolutely befitting in this situation. A war crime indeed. And yes, I screamed!

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