Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Most Favorite Food Writers

I was thinking the other day how I've been influenced when it comes to fashion. The writer I hold in highest esteem is Cathy Horn. My mom was a big deal to me as well but Cathy writes with such intelligence and understanding, that it makes me think that fashion is actually an intellectual pursuit after all (something I've always known!!). In terms of food writing, I have favorites too. And in no particular order:

1.) Ruth Reichl...When I first met my girlfriend, we met via her writing really. I knew her food blog long before I had even met her. And well, I kinda fell for her through her writing. Her style of writing reminded me of Ruth Reichl and it was a compliment of the highest regard from me. Ruth Reichl is an amazing story teller and clearly adores food too. She's someone I'd love to meet b/c whenever I see pictures of her I see warmth in her eyes. I like that that warm translates into her writing.

2.) Amanda Hesser...Gosh maybe 10 years ago I'd read Amanda's columns in the NYT and knew of Mr. Latte. Later the columns became a book which I bought right away. I love the book and I love the recipes in the book too. If I ever was able to write, I think my style would be very similar to Amanda. I followed the story of 'Mr. Latte' religiously. I love the idea of this young bright woman courting a man who liked food but later would learn to love this quirky adorable food writer. Seriously, one day maybe I'll write the story of E and me and how we came to be via food.

3.) Mark Bittman...Talk about someone who makes home cooking seem like fun! I don't really read his articles as much as I watch them via NYT on-line. I enjoy watching him make simple and tasty food. I bet he'd be a lot of fun to dine with as well.

And so there you have it, the three food writers/thinkers who will always have my full attention and adoration.

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