Monday, May 12, 2008

Reasons I Don't Like Living in Fenway

Up until now, I've been fairly happy with my 'hood. I have El Pelon, Rod Dee and Eastern Standard within walking distant and a (GHETTO) grocery store right across the street along with a movie theater. A staples, bed bath and beyond and best buy are also right there and it's nice to have them. The usual city conveniences with some unusual ones.

However Fenway also have some really frustrating things about it. And as time goes on, I've started to notice it more and more. That said, welcome to my rant.

1.) There are no cute little locally owned coffee shops or bakeries close by. Hell, I'd even settle for a Finagle a Bagel in Fenway. The only thing we get is a Starbucks (downstairs in my building) and guess what, in the new residential building going in close by, there will be yet another Starbucks. Don't get me wrong. I do occasionally indulge in Starfucks but they are so stupid expensive and such a huge, kinda obnoxious chain that I really try to not buy all my drinks from them. I think that if this neighborhood had some stuff that felt a little neighborhood-y like a small local bakery or coffee shop, it would be a nice touch. So for now the neighborhood feels kinda sterile and corporate like. But I want a baked that morning muffin dammit!

2.) The restaurants in my building kinda blow. Cambridge 1 I will let slide because the owners are super cool and really nice. They also did a really great build-out on that restaurant space. But WTF? It's a suburban Boston chain. Think a tier above Applebees and you've got Burtons. The food is passable but not something I would ever seek out. Let's put it this way, the last time I ate a meal at Burton's there was like three feet of snow so I wasn't about to even walk a block to go to El Pelon. But by the time I was done with my meal, I had wished I had risked life and limb to walk the block down to El Pelon! And the space right next door to my store has yet to have a new tenant. They've been trying to lease that space to a restaurant now for over two years. I've heard it's finally getting leased out but let's hope to god it's to something/someone who can cook already! I will say that I've heard rumors as to what's going in and I'm not very happy about what I've heard, so I'm choosing to ignore the rumors and hope for some damn sushi.

3.) Lack of local anything! This kinda piggybacks on #1. My shop is pretty much the only non-chain, locally owned thing in this area that's getting developed. It kinda sucks that my landlords are more interested in cash than getting cool local businesses into the 'hood. I suspect more "chain" businesses will go into the new building right along with the new Starbucks. Sigh.

More and more Fenway is feeling like a mall neighborhood. If a Cinnabons and Panada Express appear, I might just jump ship.


Eric said...

i'm looking for a restaurant space in fenway/kenmore area. have they finally leased that space next to your store? i noticed that there is also a space for lease @ # 180 brookline. please give me the inside info. thx.


boston guerilla said...

The spaces at 180 have been leased! But I know they are looking for tenants at the 1330 Boyleston address. You should contact Samuels and Associates to see what's available. Anything else I really don't know or am not at liberty to share ;)