Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not Cooking Soup

I'd post a picture of my soup here but all you'd see is an empty bowl. Teehee!

The weather here in Boston turned hot and I mean really hot. It's in the 90's, hazy, hot and humid. Ugh.

Even though I get to bask in the glory that is condo central air conditioning, it still feels counter intuitive to cook anything in this sort of weather. So I rely on my favorite heat weather meal, chilled soup and it's so easy!

Tonight I decided that I'd do a cucumber one. I chopped half a peeled cuc into my soup bowl and top that off with 1 scallion also chopped. I had some cilantro and dill lying around so into my soup bowl they went too. I covered this entire mixture with buttermilk until it was half to 2/3 full and then add two big scoops of low fat yogurt. All of this is stirred until mixed and I then add salt and pepper to taste. I happened to some some lemon on hand and squeezed some right into my soup. And lastly (this is key!), I add two big teaspons worth of rice wine vinegar. The vinegar is the perfect kick for this cool and refreshing soup. Yum! I don't know where I got the idea for this soup. I use to use balsamic vinegar but it seemed too heavy and made my soup brown, which was a bit ugly.

Sometimes I throw in parsley instead of cilantro, carrots, radishes, mint, red onion all of this has gone in before too. As for spice, a bit of cumin is kinda fun and if you want a real kick, a little Tabasco adds some heat.

Recently, I saw recipe for buttermilk and radish chilled soup. It was on another food blogger's blog but came way of Gourmet recipe. It sounds yum and I love that it sorta follows my chilled soup ideals with vinegar in it as well!

Trust me, it sounds really weird to mix buttermilk, yogurt and vinegar together, but it's seriously a fantastic cold soup base.

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