Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Girl's Gotta Eat

Alright, I'll admit it. I like to think of myself as a cool, young single girl about town. Kinda like Sex and the City. But the city is Boston and well, I'm not exactly Sarah Jessica Parker. My Mr. Big would need to be a Ms. Big and that's only for starters. But I do love me some fashion and I do sometimes have to be the public eye.

Yesterday I read a kinda negative review in Boston Magazine about the new store. The small article, much like everything else this writer has done before, was horribly written. She was clearly not an English major of any sort. And the piece references other stores that the readership of Boston Magazine most likely hasn't a clue what she's talking about. She basically says the new store has no "direction" and isn't in a good place b/c Fenway is 15 mins away from Newbury Street. Last I checked, just about every 'hood is 15 mins away from Newbury street and would shouldn't Fenway have it's own clothing store too? And how does carrying candles, books and things other than clothing make us less focused? Narrow minded twit. Plus, I let Boston Magazine borrow jeans from Jean Therapy for a good solid week for this supposed photospread and the jeans were not only nowhere to be seen but certainly not sighted or sourced. Basically we weren't mentioned at all.

March 2008 Boston Magazine really soured the already kinda bad day I was having. However lucky for me I had dinner plans. Sometimes a good meal is all it takes to make me forget my woes. Luckily, there was enough for a lunch bag to be made up for me. Lookie!!!:

It's leftover lamb and chorizo chili from last night. The lemon iced cookies (on the left) were not from last night, so don't mind them. No beans at all in that chili, and it's been topped with guac, some cheese, chili peppers, corn bread (yum!) and this really awesome pear salsa . I was very skeptical about something called pear salsa but it was great. Who knew that I could/would want to scoop up barlet pear bits with cilantro, pepper on a tortilla chip?

This chili is very flavorful and very meaty! I think I watched my friend put a couple of smoked ancho chiles into cooking pot before she loaded up the lamb and sausage. I know a few people who complain about chilis that seem to be mostly beans. This would be a nice dish for those peeps who don't do beans.

So a good meal for me last night and today, so yay!

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