Monday, March 3, 2008

A Good Dose of Penicillin

I started to feel not so hot yesterday afternoon. I was sneezy all day and my nose started to run too. Oh no, I thought. I can't get sick!!! Dammit.

So after taking a good long nap, I crawled out of bed and to the grocery store. I needed some medicine and it could only happen in the form of quick chicken soup. I once dated someone who adored food as much as me. And when he felt himself getting sick, he'd make himself homemade chicken soup. Chicken soup was always something I thought of as time consuming to make. My mom would make it but it was always a big production and a big deal. Homemade chicken soup?! But this ex of mine would make make it super fast - put a chicken in a pot with water, throw in dill/parsley, toss in chunks of carrots and celery and it's pretty much done. Easy!

I did the same for myself and added in some garlic, onion, dried oregano, cumin and a couple of good hits of cayenne pepper. At the last minute of cooking, I put in some orzo and the rind of a piece of parm I had in the fridge.

Finally, I settled down to watch some L-word, read a bit and eat my soup. It was great. Rich and spicy, it was exactly what I needed to make myself feel better. Oye, a good dose of penicillin, indeed!

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Claire said...

Nice work. I'm impressed that you whipped this up for yourself while being sick! I couldn't make that on a healthy day.